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Ocean Creatures of the World / Crab VillaOcean Creatures of the World/Crab Villa

Ocean Creatures of the World/Crab Villa is home to a fascinating variety of crabs and other creatures, including the great Japanese spider crab (Macrocheria kaempferi) – the largest crab species alive today.

Great Japanese spider crabs can reportedly measure 12 feet from claw tip to claw tip, and are thought to live up to 100 years. They normally reside at depths of 150–1,000 feet.

Other inhabitants of this popular exhibit include North American lobsters (Homarus americanus) and several species of shrimp, including the pistol shrimp, which can snap its claw with enough force to create a sound wave strong enough to stun or kill prey or predators.


Ocean Creatures of the World/Crab Villa Ocean Creatures of the World/Crab Villa