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Giant OctopusGiant Pacific Octopus

Armed but harmless, the Giant Pacific Octopus (Enteroctopus dofleini) lives in the waters off North America’s northwestern Pacific coast. Once considered a man-killer, the Giant Pacific Octopus actually prefers flight to fight. Shy, sensitive, and highly intelligent, it hides by day and combs the seafloor for crabs, shrimp, and other shellfish by night.

To ward off predators, blend into its surroundings, or attract a mate, the Giant Pacific Octopus can change its color and texture almost instantly. It also has taste buds on its suction cups, allowing it to taste everything it touches.

Fun fact
Octopuses can be trained to demonstrate specific behaviors, and an untrained octopus can learn a specific behavior by watching trained octopuses demonstrate it. An octopus can even remember a behavior days after witnessing it.


Octopus Octopus