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Summer Adventure Days Summer Camp

Long Island Aquarium’s Summer Adventure Days add interactive excitement to summer vacation. Separate programs provide age-appropriate learning and activities for children ages 2 – 16. Please call for reservations. 631.208.9200, ext. 426 72-hour cancellation, within 72 hours, no refund – Aquarium credit only.

Summer Adventure Days Our Adventure Days programs add interactive excitement to summer vacation. Separate programs provide age-appropriate learning and activities for children ages 2–16.

2016 Dates

Sea Squirts (ages 2&3) 9am-11:0am – Discover the wonders of undersea life with your little “squirts”. Explore the aquarium and investigate our sea life. Get up close and pet some reptiles, feed the stingrays and see how they feel and blend in with their surroundings. Learn about animals and how they camouflage to protect themselves in their environment. Craft activity each day.
July 5-6 $50.00 members / $60.00 non-members *Includes 1 parent/guardian

Shark Bait (ages 3&4) 9am-12:00pm – Budding marine scientists will investigate the aquarium using their five senses to learn and understand the animals around us. We will explore the different textures, patterns and sounds of each group of animals here at the aquarium, by petting and getting up close to them. Be ready to get wet as we romp through our interactive salt marsh. Craft and snack provided each day.
June 27-28 or July 7-8 $65.00 members / $75.00 non-members *includes 1 parent/guardian

Discoverers (ages 4&5) 9am-12:00pm Ahoy Pirates! We will follow a treasure map and find all sorts of booty along the way. We will take to the high seas on the Atlantis Explorer Tour Boat, while searching for buried treasure. We will meet some common pirate pets and uncover gems and jewels for our treasure chest in this 3 day adventure. Craft and snack provided each day.
June 29-July 1 $85.00 members / $95.00 non-members *includes 1 parent/guardian

Junior Explorers (ages 6-8) 9:00am-2:00pm – There’s a whole world to explore…underwater! Participants will be guided on a marine adventure that will explore all the ins and outs of the aquarium. Hold a turtle, pet an alligator and feed a dragon. Take a ride on our Atlantis Explorer Tour Boat. Meet horseshoe crabs, feed stingrays, and seine for fish in local waters. Your child will visit our butterflies, birds and bugs while learning how important their roles are in there own backyard. Craft and snack provided each day.
July 11-15 and Aug 1-5 $260.00 members / $310.00 non-members

Shark pups (ages 6-8) 9:00am-2:00pm – This shark based experience for our younger shark enthusiasts will include, Atlantis explorer Tour Boat trip, shark trivia, and shark feeding. Explore the sharks around the aquarium with a fun scavenger hunt and learn about all of our sharks here from egg to adult during our shark themed adventure. Craft and snack provided each day.
July 18-22 and August 8-12 $260.00 members / $310.00 non-members

Animal Super heroes (ages 8-10) 9:00am-2:00pm– POW, BOOM, BAM!  How can an octopus turn itself invisible in the blink of an eye? How can a frog grow claws like Wolverine? Explore and experience some of the most interesting and unique animals on the planet. Visit the insect lab and preservatory to get a closer look at insect superheroes while talking to an entomologist. Learn about wings while petting a penguin and feeding a parrot. Cruise the Peconic River collecting specimens aboard the Atlantis Explorer Tour Boat and snorkel with stingrays and fish in this great adventure. Your child will create his/her own animal super hero from all the knowledge he/she has gathered throughout the week.
July 25-29 $280.00 members / $330.00 non-members

Penguins, Bugs and Butterflies (ages 9-11) 9:00am-2:00pm – Pet a penguin, feed a parrot, and explore our butterfly laboratory. Venture down the Peconic River on the Atlantis Explorer Tour Boat and see animals in their natural habitats. Identify sea birds right in our backyard and along the boardwalk. This adventure will explore all the animals that fly through the air from butterflies to bats. Learn what our bats diet consists of,  what to plant to attract butterflies in your own yard and you’ll construct a bird house to take home.
August 1-5 $260.00 members / $310.00 non-member

Explorers (ages 9-11) 9:00am-2:00pm – Immerse yourself in a marine exploration program. Explorers will collect and analyze organisms from our boat tour and use microscopes to identify different organisms. Go on a scavenger hunt and play survival of the fittest. Get a close look at tropical fish while snorkeling in our 80,000 gallon outdoor exhibit. Also go behind the scenes at the aquarium and see what it takes to care for all the many creatures living here.
July 11-15  $260.00 members / $310.00 non-members

Shark Explorers (ages 9-11) 9:00am-2:00pm –This experience is Sharktastic! This week long shark based experience includes a shark dissection, snorkeling with sharks, shark feeding and more. Its shark week and activities and lessons will be based around our very cool shark inhabitants and the prey that they hunt. Learn about all of our sharks, what they eat, myths and their adaptations.
July 18-22 and August 8-12 $280.00 members / $330.00 non-members

Adventurers (ages 12-14) 9:00am-2:00pm – Experience some of the most exciting adventures that the aquarium has to offer. Your adventurer will learn and be part of a group that kayaks down the Peconic River, snorkels with sharks and stingrays, and climbs the rock wall, while building confidence and learning how to work as a team to accomplish their goals. For the ultimate thrill, end the week with a dive into our 120,000 gallon shark tank!! This experience is packed full of thrills and fun for your tween.
July 25-29 and August 15-19 $335.00 members / $400.00 non-members

Junior Aquarist (ages 14-16) 9:00 am- 2:00pm  – Ever wonder what it is like to work at an aquarium? Have you ever wanted to go behind the scenes and see what it takes to care for thousands of animals? Participate in a specimen collection trip, talk to our fish department staff as they fill you in on their cool projects, breeding fish, propagating coral and just how all they keep all of the tanks here running at the Long Island Aquarium. This special adventure will allow the junior aquarist to collect fish and specimens by seining on and off-site, snorkel with stingrays, sharks and tropical fish, and prepare food for some of our animals here at the aquarium. Participants will help set up and learn how to care for an aquarium of their own.
August 15-19 $335.00 members / $400.00 non-members

Extend the Fun! After care is available from 2pm to 5pm.
 Pricing: $50 for 1 full week, per child. Must register at the same time as camp registration.

Please call for reservations. 631.208.9200, ext. 426 

 72-hour cancellation, within 72 hours, no refund – Aquarium credit only.


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Did You Know?

In addition to the sleepover, a Sleep with the Fishes adventure that includes a 1-1/2 hour morning interactive cruise aboard the Atlantis Explorer Tour Boat is also available for an additional fee. You’re cruise begins at 7:30 am. A deposit is required to secure a date, and one chaperone per 10 paid admissions ages 3 - 21 is required. Atlantis Explorer Tour Boat limited to 72 participants.

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