Best Buddies – Clownfish & Anemone

The Clownfish and Anemone are truly best buddies, maintaining a relationship that benefits one another.

The Clownfish picks debris and parasites off of the Anemone and chases off predators, such as Butterflyfish, which are not immune to the stings of the Anemone. The stinging tentacles of the Anemone provide protection for the Clownfish. The Clownfish develops immunity to the Anemone’s venom after repeated exposure.

Clownfish and Anemones are best buddies; they are made for one another!

Did You Know?

All Clownfish are born male, and turn into females as they mature.

Groups of clownfish maintain a hierarchy within their anemone homes with a dominant female at the top of the hierarchy who mates with all the largest males

Sea Anemones, though plantlike in appearance, are actually animals that are very closely related to jellyfish and corals.

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