Coronavirus Update


As the Coronavirus COVID-19 continues to impact our community, we have been closely monitoring the ever-changing situation.  The New York State Governor has issued a mandate to close all non-essential businesses, so effective March 17th, the Long Island Aquarium and Atlantis Banquets & Events will be closed until further notice.

Our Animal Care teams will continue working so they can feed and care for our animals. Fortunately, they remain healthy and we don’t anticipate this virus causing an issue for them since most all viruses do not pass from humans to marine mammals. We continue to evaluate our animals during their daily care sessions as well as with traditional weekly veterinary visits. We also continue to provide for their food and medicinal needs by having two months’ worth of supplies in house at this time.

You can help us continue to help our animals by making purchases online.  Any membership purchased during this time will not go into effect until your first visit and will be valid 12 months from that time.  You can also purchase admission tickets and adventures for your future visits. Should you have any questions about this, please email us at

We continue to monitor this situation and encourage you to review these websites as well:

Be safe, kind and healthy and we can’t wait to see you when we return!