Lost Temple of Atlantis

The Lost Temple of Atlantis dazzles through the grandeur of its architecture and the majesty of its guardians’ Japanese snow monkey: (Macaca fuscata).

Japanese macaques are the world’s northernmost species of nonhuman primate! They inhabit the lowland and mountain forests of Japan, and can survive both snow and freezing temperatures. They love to spend time in natural hot springs and enjoy playing in the snow, as well.

These primates are active during the day and are omnivorous, feeding on a diverse diet of fruits, seeds, leaves, vegetables, fungi, insects, and soil.

Japanese Macaques
Scientific Name: Macaca fuscata
Weight: up to about 30 pounds.
Height: Sitting height up to about 30 inches.
Lifespan: as many as 30 years.
Range: Japan
Habitat: diverse temperate evergreen and deciduous forest, subtropical forests, and subarctic forests

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Did You Know?

Japanese macaques are extremely intelligent. In the wild, they have been observed cleaning off fruits and vegetables and even going so far as to “season” sweet potatoes by dipping them in sea water.

Different troops of snow monkeys in the wild have been shown to have different accents in their vocalizations.

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