American Alligators

American alligators (Alligator mississippiensis) are native to the southeastern United States. A large and ancient reptile, these animals are apex predators, feeding on numerous different types of animals from fish to mammals, and growing larger than 15 feet in length.

You can see the Long Island Aquarium gators sunning themselves on the beaches of their exhibit, nestled quite comfortably on top of one another.

Check out our seasonal Gator Invasion exhibit outside (available May through September). You will see the larger alligators that call the Aquarium home!


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Gator Invasion

There is something lurking on the banks of the Peconic River… it’s a Gator Invasion! From June to September, right across from the Ancient Reptile Ruins, the banks of the Peconic River at the Long Island Aquarium are visited by huge American alligators (Alligator mississippiensis).

American alligators can be found throughout the Southeastern and Southern United States. Once listed as endangered due to overhunting and habitat loss, American alligators have become more numerous in recent years.

From the first weekend in July to Labor Day weekend, there is a gator talk and hold twice a day outside at the Aquarium’s exhibit.