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The Giving Tree

Giving TreeGiving TreeGiving Tree


Welcome to the Long Island Aquarium Giving Tree! Our animal care department provides top notch animal welfare for all of its animal ambassadors and enrichment is a crucial part of their care. Enrichment gives our animals physical and mental stimulation and allows them to engage with different objects in their environment. Enrichment can be in the form of toys, sounds, edible treats, scents, or different textures for the animals to touch. Please help our animal care team provide our animal ambassadors with new and exciting enrichment this holiday season!

How it works:

On the tree, located at next to the ticketing desk, there are paper ornaments containing different enrichment devices that we would like to provide for our animal ambassadors.
Each color indicates the cost of the item inside:

  • Light Blue: Under $5
  • Pink: $5-$15
  • Green: $16-$25
  • Dark Blue: $26-$35
  • Yellow: $36-$45
  • Red: $46-$50

On the front of the ornament is a picture of the animal that will be receiving the enrichment device. If the ornament only has a picture of the aquariums logo then that device will be enjoyed by all the animals under our care.
Pick an Ornament and return your gift to our front ticketing desk before January 2nd with the ornament attached to the gift. No wrapping paper needed!

Provide us with your name and email on the back of the ornament to receive a personalized thank you card from our animal ambassadors!
From our family to yours, we wish you a very happy holiday season and New Year. Thank you for your generosity and support!

Giving Tree Wish List



Our Coati brothers, Milo and Otis, play with a blue plastic ball

Jumbo Lego Blocks

Tom’s Deodorant

Kong Replay

Kong Spin-It

Kong Hopz Ball

Square Laundry Basket


Holiday Bowties




Giving Tree

Christian Grey holding up his favorite snack in his talons

Zig-Zag Block Toy

Basket Bird

Willow Bird Toy

Vine Mat

Spinning Wooden Fan

Hanging Spoon

Hanging Wooden Bars



Japanese Snow Monkey

Zeppelin the Japaense Snow Monkey looking into the camera


72 Pack of Multi-Color Ping Pong Balls

12  pack of XL Ping Pong Balls

Little Tikes Blue Rocking Horse

Crocodile Rocking Horse

Mr. Bubble Bubble Bath

4.5″ Foraging Ball

6″ Foraging Ball

Large Spinning Toys



North American River Otter

Stark the otter laying in a plastic tub with a blanket and a whiffle ball

2-Pack of Milk Crates

Milk Crate

Jumbo Blocks

Nylabone Favorites Bundle

Kong Wobbler Treat Dispensing Toy

Wobble Wag Giggle Ball

Trixie Pet Flip Board Toy

Puzzle Brick Toy

Pet Snuffle Mat

Treat Ball

Reusable Plastic Water Bottle 2 Gallon

North American River Otter

Jelly the Otter taking a nap on a plastic float

Reusable Plastic Water Bottle 3 Gallon Jug Container

Plastic Utility Tub with Rope Handles

Water Sports Swim Thru Rings

Forage Globe

Rope Ladder

Triple Treat Tower

PVC Forager

Rolling Foraging Cylinder

Forage Cup with Beads

Triple Treat Forager

Coconut Cup with Perch

Space Pod

Jungle Gym

Flex Bridge


Brazilian Porcupine

Alex the porcupine playing with a paper chain


Multicolored Chewing Stick

Slow Feeder







Barn Owl

Lavender, our barn owl, with rope ball

Zig-Zag Wooden Toy

Basket Toy

Woven Mat

Paper Box Toy

Bendable Perch

Piñata Bird Toy

Surprise Drum Toy



Seals and Sea Lions 

California Sea Lion

Java, our male Sea Lion, smiling with his colored ice cake

Inflatable Fender

Bubble Machine

Snow Sleds

Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Swim Hoops





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