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Mark Smith Happy 40th Paver

The Long Island Aquarium invites you to help “Pave the way” to the future of the aquarium and to help ensure the health and well-being of the animals that call the aquarium their home. We are selling commemorative pavers that you can customize with your family or company name, a wedding anniversary, special birthday, or whatever you want to remember forever! Every paver purchased will be displayed on the aquarium campus. Your purchase will help the aquarium in making memories for your family for years to come! There are limited bricks available, so purchase yours today!

$179.99 per paver

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Please note…The entire Paver process can take up to 12 weeks from date of purchase to installation. Pavers must be submitted to the engraving company in groups with a minimum of 5 pavers. That could cause a delay in an order being placed. You may email to check the status of a purchased paver.