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Star Fish at Long Island Aquarium

Outreach Programs

Many Aquarium education programs are available as classroom-based Outreach Programs, conducted at your school by one of our Educators. There is a 30-person maximum; additional sessions of the program must be reserved to accommodate larger groups, unless you book an assembly. Supplemental program fees apply.

To reservation an Outreach Program, call 631.208.9200, ext. 246.

  • 2 Sessions – 30 students max.; 2 program minimum – $393.30
  • 3 Sessions – 30 students max.; 3 program minimum – $496.80
  • Assembly – 40 students minimum – $569.25

Programs must be at the same school on the same date

$100 for each additional class, up to 5 per day.

There will be a $25.00 charge for every hour of time in between classes.

There is a 3.5% discount on purchases made in cash or check.

There is an additional charge of $45 for travel to Nassau & Queens…other travel destinations will be prorated according to distance.

All classes are 30-45 minutes depending on age level and number of classes.

Programs Offered:

Camouflage (Pre-K) Introduction to the many disguises animals use to escape detection. Students will learn how, color pattern, mimicry and countershading help animals “hide in plain sight” within their environments. A fun game will help students camouflage with their surroundings.

Frogs and Toads (Grades K-2) Students will be able to describe and identify the differences between frogs and toads, where they live, distinctive characteristics, and more. Various activities will lead to discovery learning and firsthand observation of the world of frogs and toads. Have your group get up close and personal as we look at live frogs and toads. Live Animal Presentation.

Turtle Time (Grades K–3) Can turtles leave their shells? This interactive program answers that question and more through learning activities and tactile experiences. Live Animal Presentation.

The Seashore/Touch Tank (Grades K-12 [scaled appropriately to age/grade level] 45 minute program)
The creatures living along our shores come in many different colors and shapes, and this program gives students the chance to meet some of these diverse characters. students will learn about the diverse coastal environments surrounding Long Island, as well as the animals that have adapted to those specific habitats. Live Animal Presentation.

Preferable Pets (Grades 1-12) The exotic pet trade has flourished in recent years…however not every animal on sale will make a good pet. Learn the differences between “good pets” and “bad pets” and meet some of the more manageable pets that appear on our Critter Cart. Live Animal Presentation.

Mythical Creatures (Grades 2-6) Do Megalodons still exist? In this fun class we will explore how to decipher fact from fiction. How do we know an animal was once real or just imaginary? We will explore evidence and how it stacks up for scientists.

Butterflies (Grades 3-5) Students will be able to identify and describe the stages of development of butterflies, determine the parameters to classify a butterfly as an insect. Activities will lead students to uncover the importance of butterflies and the humane treatment of them.

Survival of the Fittest (Grades 3-6) Students will discover that: animals adapt in diverse environments, animals need water, food, shelter, and air to survive. Students will determine what favorable traits for survival are. Students will understand what it takes to survive in the wild.

Whale Class (Grades 3-9) For this program kids will learn about whales, their anatomy, their environment and what threatens them. We will bring a 50’ inflatable whale to your school. You and your class are a swarm of krill. While swimming you see a pod of whales feeding so you get closer to examine their external anatomy. Suddenly you are swallowed up by a whale and work your way through its digestive tract!  This must be done in gym or auditorium or outside if there is an extension cord with outlet.

Shark Surveillance (Grades 4-12 [scaled appropriately to age/grade level] 45 minute program)
Students will deepen their fascination with the ocean’s top predator by studying the biology, ecology, and conservation of sharks. Students observe and handle shark jaws, teeth, and egg cases, and learn little-known facts about these extraordinary animals.

Downstream Disaster (Grades 6-8) Students demonstrate how everyone contributes to the pollution of rivers and streams. Students will differentiate between a point and non-point source pollution. Students will be asked what can be done to reduce pollution and determine best management practices.

Coral Reef Ecology (Grades 9-12) Students will examine various coral species and vibrant reef fish up-close. Concepts involving biodiversity, specialization, symbiotic relationships and environmental conservation/preservation will be discussed.

Loveable Limulus (Grades 9-12) Come meet the mysterious horseshoe crab, Limulus Polyphemus. These living fossils have fascinated mankind for millennia. Learn about these incredible prehistoric creatures, their amazing immune system that fights off fungi, viruses and bacterial endotoxins, how they are useful in the medical field, and recent threats to their survival, and. You may be surprised to discover who their relatives are. Live Animal Presentation.

Animal Adaptations (Grades 9-12) Adaptation is a vital survival skill in a changing world. Animals must adapt to their environment for countless reasons ranging from food acquisition to comfort. Students will explore firsthand the evidence left behind from centuries of adaptations.

Please note if you want different classes on the same day, we can only bring one type of live animal per destination. If you wanted 2 classes at the same destination, 1 would have to be live animal and the other no live animals.