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Marmoset at Long Island Aquarium

College Internship Application

Steps to apply for the College Internship:

  • Complete the college internship application;
  • Submit completed application, cover letter, resume, and one letter of recommendation from a professor. All items must be completed and submitted in the aforementioned order, to be considered for review;
  • Your cover letter must include:
    1. Specific position;
    2. Specific days of the week you are available to work;
    3. A statement indicating that you realize that this is an unpaid position;
    4. A statement as to why you are seeking this position and what makes you stand out from other
    5. School contact information.
  • Mail letter of recommendation to or e-mail to
    Animal Care
    Long Island Aquarium
    431 East Main Street
    Riverhead, NY 11901

All Applications must be received by the following dates for consideration:

Fall: July 15
Winter: November 15
Spring: December 15
Summer: March 15
Please email your cover letter and resume to Animal Care at

    What positions are you applying for? Check all that apply to you.