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College Student In Front of Aquarium

College Internship Opportunities

An internship at the Aquarium is a great way for interested students to gain firsthand educational experience in the dynamic, real-world setting of a busy Aquarium.


  • Applicants must be enrolled in a 2- or 4-year college or university, with a major relevant to the position for which he/she is applying;
  • Applicants must be able to work a minimum of 120 hours (8-10 hours per week). This is a minimum amount of hours. Each department has a standard amount of hours that must be completed per semester and applicants should discuss this with the hiring manager before accepting the internship position.
  • Applicants are responsible for their own lodging and transportation.


  • Training materials.
  • Shirt and ID badge.
  • 30% discount in the City Treasures Gift Shop, Long Island Aquarium Café, and Scoops Ice Cream & Candy.
  • Aquarium publications – brochures, newsletters, and educational materials.
  • The opportunity to participate in challenging and rewarding life experiences that offer personal enrichment.

Aquarist Assistant – Students will assist Aquarist staff with fish and invertebrate husbandry of all public and non-public systems. These duties will include daily maintenance activities such as scrubbing exhibits, cleaning filters, water changes, and food preparation. Other activities might include plumbing, library research, recording data, data entry, and specimen collection.

Aquaculture Assistant – In addition to the Aquarist responsibilities listed above, the Aquaculture Intern will assist in the production of live foods, such as phytoplankton, rotifers, and Artemia, as well as the culturing of ornamental fish, crustaceans and sea jellies. Qualified students will also have the option to conduct or participate in an aquaculture research project. Applicants for this position must be at least a junior in college, and have basic fish husbandry skills.

Bird and Reptile Assistant-  Students will assist Bird and Reptile staff with daily husbandry routines.  This can include cleaning bird and reptile habitats, scrubbing pools, diet preparation, feeding  the birds and reptiles, and helping record diets of our African Black Footed Penguins.

Mammal Department Assistant –The Mammal Department staff cares for California sea lions, harbor seals, a gray seal, North American River Otters, bats, prehensile tailed porcupines, marmosets, and Japanese snow monkeys. College interns will assist with food preparation, clean exhibits and kitchen areas, observe training sessions, and assist with sea lion shows.

Education Assistant – Assist in public education of Aquarium exhibits and animals, create new education programs, implement educational outreach programs, and assist with toddler and camp programs.

Entomology Assistant – Students will assist the Entomology staff with butterfly, tarantula, beetle and other insect husbandry of all public and non-public spaces. These duties will include daily maintenance activities such as scrubbing exhibits, planting, and food preparation. Other activities might include, pest control, recording data, observations, and specimen collection.

Exhibit Design-Construction Internship – Here’s a hands-on opportunity for highly creative students. Assist in creating new exhibits or modify existing ones employing various materials, tools, and methods used in the exhibit design field. May include conceptualizing of story boards, sculpting rock formations, building artificial trees, creating scenic elements to fit the aquarium theme.

Naturalist – Assist the naturalists on the Atlantis Explorer tour boat with species sightings, observations, weather data and conservation messages to our guests on the Peconic river (Summer only)

Culinary Arts Assistant – Assist catering and café staff in preparing menus and meals for Aquarium patrons and specialized venues.

Marketing Assistant – Are you a marketing or communications student who would like to get an idea of the way things run on the practical side? We are seeking exceptional students with excellent communication skills and a positive attitude. Assist in department projects and special events, the inventory of collateral materials, and administrative support duties. Applicants must have computer proficiency in MS Office and experience with Adobe Suite.

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