Crab Villa

Our Crab Villa habitat is home to a fascinating variety of crabs, corals and other invertebrate creatures. Creatures including the great Japanese spider crab (Macrocheria kaempferi) – the largest crab species alive today.

Other inhabitants of this popular habitat include North American lobsters and mantis shrimp. Pistol and mantis shrimp can snap their claws with enough force to create a sound wave strong enough to stun or even kill prey predators.



Did You Know?

Great Japanese spider crabs can reportedly measure twelve feet from claw tip to claw tip, and are thought to live up to 100 years.

Large mantis shrimp specimens are capable of snapping their claws with enough force to break aquarium glass!

Mantis shrimp claw snaps produce a sound bubble, which, when it implodes, creates a very small amount of light! This is known as sonoluminescence!

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