Discus Fish

The discus fish are some of the most beautiful, vibrant, and colorful freshwater fish out there. Though there are only two or three species in nature, there are around 100 different color varieties that have bred in the pet trade by breeding different color morphs and patterns and selecting for various desired traits.

Actually a type of Cichlid, the Discus Fish are so-called for their flattened body shape. They can be found throughout the Amazon River basin in heavily wooded areas of the river.

Long Island Aquarium’s Discus Exhibit showcases a diverse group of discus varieties, which demonstrates the beauty and rainbow of color that these fish sport!

Did You Know?

Unlike other fishes, the Discus fish display moods and personalities. Plus, they have the ability to recognize the person taking care of them.

The vertical stripes on the sides of the discus fish are used for camouflage with aquatic plants and for communication between individuals.

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