Thursday, July 25: Thu, Jul 25: 10:00 AM- 4:00 PM
Form And Function Exhibit
Fish in water

Bubble Habitat & Garden Eels

Anyone who can appreciate the natural wonders of the living world demonstrates a curiosity for how and why living things grow, behave, and function. The Bubble Habitat encourages our guests to observe and question the habits, behaviors, colors, and shapes of our resident organisms and how these features might benefit an organism in their environments.

For instance, body shape and scale color can play a major role in determining a fish’s habitat, diet, and hunting strategy. The bubble-shaped Form & Function exhibit offers a magnified view of the distinguishing features of fish, such as the Tuka Tuka Anthias, also known as the Purple Queen Anthias.

Garden Eels – found in Indo-Pacific waters, live in buried tubes in sandy bottom regions from depths of 18-75m. They use mucus produced by their skin to cement the walls of the tube. They emerge from their tube and expose about a third of their body to search for plankton drifting by. We have two species of Garden Eel here, the white spotted and the splendid.