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Summer Adventure Days 2024

Long Island Aquarium’s Summer Adventure Days provides hands-on learning and full-on fun for children of all ages during school-year breaks and summer vacation.

 Long Island Aquarium’s Summer Adventure Days add interactive excitement to summer vacation. Separate programs provide age-appropriate learning and activities for children ages 3 – 16. Please call 631.208.9200, ext. 426 for reservations, or click the Buy Now button below.

Summer Adventure Days Our Adventure Days programs add interactive excitement to summer vacation. Separate programs provide age-appropriate learning and activities for children ages 3–16.

When: Weekly programs in July & August.

Ages: Programs for kids from 3-16.

Price: Varies based on program. Aquarium Members: Save 10%. There is a 3.5% discount for purchases made in cash.

Adventure Days Summer 2024 Dates

Shark Bait (ages 3 & 4)

Budding marine scientists will investigate the aquarium using their 5 senses to learn and understand the animals around us. We will explore the different textures, patterns and sounds of each group of animals here at the aquarium, by petting and getting up close to them. Be ready to get wet as we romp through our interactive salt marsh (Must be potty trained to participate in Salt Marsh). Craft activity each day. Admission for the rest of day included.

June 24-25 @ 9am-11:30am
$93.15 (Members Save 10%) *includes 1 parent/guardian

Shark Bait Camp

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Discoverers (ages 4 & 5)

Hello discoverers! We will take part in a scavenger hunt to learn about some amazing secrets held by our incredible animals. We’ll take to the high seas on the Atlantis Explorer Tour Boat to search for native plants and animals. We’ll meet some perfect pets that can make for amazing companions. Discover amazing truths about our animals as well as animals found in our own backyards. Craft activity each day.

June 26-28 @ 9am-12pm
$154.21 (Members Save 10%) *includes 1 parent/guardian

Discoverers Camp

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Wild Wings!  (ages 6-8)

This adventure will explore all the animals that fly through the air and sea from bees to Aracaris. You’ll meet a penguin and explore our bug laboratory. Venture down the Peconic River on the Atlantis Explorer Tour Boat and see animals in their natural habitats. Discover about how bees pollinate and what plants will attract butterflies in your own yard.

Two Sessions Available: July 1-5 or July 22-26 @ 9am-2pm
$371.56 (Members Save 10%)

Wild Wings Camp

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Ahoy Pirates!  (ages 6-8)

Ahoy pirates! We will follow a treasure map and find all sorts of booty along the way. We’ll meet some common pirate pets and uncover gems and jewels for our treasure chest. Experience the life of a pirate in our one-of-a-kind setting, the Long Island Aquarium, where you’ll get up close and personal to some of our amazing animals. Craft activity and snack each day.

Two Sessions Available: July 15-19 or August 5-9 @ 9am-2pm
$371.56 (Members Save 10%)

Ahoy Pirates Camp

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Shark Pups (ages 6-8)

This shark-based experience for our younger shark enthusiasts will include, an Atlantis Explorer Tour Boat trip, shark trivia, and feeding our stingrays. Explore the sharks around the aquarium and learn about all of our sharks here from egg to adult during our shark themed adventure. Craft and snack provided each day.

July 29-Aug 2 @ 9am-2pm
$361.21 (Members Save 10%)

Shark Pups Camp

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Animal Super Heroes (ages 8-10)

How can an octopus turn itself invisible in the blink of an eye? How can a frog grow claws like Wolverine? Explore the aquarium and visit the insect lab and preservatory to get a closer look at our many superheroes. Learn about wings while meeting a penguin and our owls. We will also be taking a cruise the Peconic River collecting specimens aboard the Tour Boat. Interact with some reptiles and crabs while learning all the cool facts about these animal superheroes.

Two Sessions Available: July 1-5 or July 15-19 @ 9am-2pm
$403.65 (Members Save 10%)

Animal Super Heroes Camp

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Casting for Careers  (ages 9-11)

There’s a whole world to explore…underwater! Participants will explore all the ins and outs of the aquarium. We will explore what it is like to be an aquarist, trainer, ornithologist, and more through activities designed to show your children what it would be like to have a career at an aquarium. Hold a turtle and pet a dragon. Take a ride on our Tour Boat, meet horseshoe crabs, seine for fish in local waters, and feed our stingrays. Your child will visit our butterflies, bugs, & bees while learning how important their roles are in there own backyard.

Two Sessions Available: July 8-12 or Aug 5-9 @ 9am-2pm –
$403.65 (Members Save 10%)

Casting for Careers Camp

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Sea Lion Scouts (ages 10-12)

Go behind the scenes and see what it takes to be a marine mammal trainer! Create enrichment toys for our monkeys, watch a porcupine feeding, attend one of our harbor seals training sessions and get a kiss from a Sea Lion!  You’ll take a trip on our Tour Boat and participate in a special training session with an animal ambassador.

July 22-26 @ 9am-2pm
$419.17 (Members Save 10%)

Sea Lion Scouts Camp

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Shark Explorers (ages 9-11)

This experience is Sharktastic! This shark based camp includes watching, a shark dissection, feeding our stingrays and more. Activities and lessons will be based around our very cool shark inhabitants and the prey that they hunt. Learn about all of our sharks, what they eat, myths and their adaptations.
July 29-Aug 2 @ 9am-2pm 
$388.12 (Members Save 10%)

Shark Explorers Camp

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Adventurers (ages 12-14)

Try out some of the most exciting adventures that the aquarium has to offer. Your adventurer will kayak down the Peconic River and climb the rock wall. For the ultimate thrill, end the week with a dive into our 120,000 gallon shark tank!! This experience is packed full of thrills and fun for your tween.

July 8-12  @ 9am-2pm
$ 476.10 (Members Save 10%)

Adventurers Camp

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Junior Aquarist (ages 14-16)

Ever wonder what it is like to work at an aquarium? Have you ever wanted to go behind the scenes and see what it takes to care for thousands of animals? This program has campers talk to our fish department staff as they fill you in on their cool projects like breeding fish, propagating coral and how they keep all of the tanks running. The junior aquarists will be able to go on a collecting trip, seining for fish and specimens off-site. Campers will also help set up and learn how to care for an aquarium of their own.

Aug 12-16 @ 9am-2pm
$501.98 (Members Save 10%)

Junior Aquarist Camp

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Extend the Fun! After care is available from 2pm to 5pm. Pricing: Add $205.96 for 1 full week, per child. You must register for after care when you register for camp. First come, first serve.

Please call for reservations. 631.208.9200, ext. 426 72-hour cancellation, within 72 hours, no refund – Aquarium credit only. There is a 3.5% discount for purchases made exclusively in cash.