Sea Lion Coliseum

Long Island Aquarium’s Sea Lion Coliseum is the place to go to appreciate the grace, playfulness, and intelligence of the California sea lion (Zalophus californianus).

Sea lions, which get their name from their loud roars, barks, and honks, put on a fascinating show whenever they are in the water! Just look through the underwater viewing windows of our Sea Lion Coliseum inside the aquarium to marvel at these graceful swimmers!

There’s an even better performance waiting for you outside! Long Island Aquarium’s expert mammal trainers put on a daily Sea Lion Show. It’s your opportunity to watch the Aquarium’s talented sea lions – Java, Bunker, Nila, and Lucy – demonstrate a variety of impressive behaviors!

California Sea Lion
Scientific Name: Zalophus californianus
Weight: 200-880 pounds.
Length: 6-8 feet.
Lifespan: 18-30 years.
Range: Southern Alaska to Central Mexico.
Habitat: sandy and rocky shorelines along the coast of western North America.

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