Sea Lion Encounter

Sea Lion Encounters run from April through September

Learn all about the stars of our Sea Lion show!

Hug from a sea lion

• Talk with one of our animal caregivers and learn about these playful animals, why they are so important to us and how their species are doing in their natural environment.
• Help with set-up for the Sea Lion Show and learn how and why the team trains our animals.
• You’ll discuss positive reinforcement techniques as well as learn about the fish we feed our sea lions and how you can make sustainable seafood options for yourself.
• You’ll have a front row seat at a sea lion show!
• Participate in a training session after the sea lion show. You’ll practice behaviors with the show’s star sea lion, and even throw him or her a fish!
• Get a kiss from a Sea Lion!
• The experience will be captured by our photographer. Purchase the series of photos.

When working with animals, they call the shots. Each encounter is unique and may contain different elements.

Day/Times –
Sundays @ 10am
Session = 1.5hr (approx.)

(Aquarium Members: $135)*

To reserve, call 631.208.9200, ext. 426

>> Click HERE to Download the Waiver<<

Pinniped Encounter Rules

  • SEAL ENCOUNTER: Guests must have the ability to go up and down steps and uneven surfaces. Unfortunately, guests in wheelchairs cannot be accommodated.
  • SEA LION ENCOUNTER: Guests in wheelchairs can be accommodated, please notify staff at the time of reservation.
  • To ensure the safety of our animals, personal cameras (including those in cell phones or other electronic devices) cannot be used during your animal program.
  • No refunds will be issued for cancellations made less than 24-hours prior to the reserved program. Payment is required at the time of booking.
  • No refunds will be issued for guests that do not meet the program requirements for age, physical fitness, or who violate company policies.
  • We go rain or shine! No refunds for bad weather unless Long Island Aquarium cancels the excursion.
  • Long Island Aquarium reserves the right, under certain circumstances, to omit specific behaviors or interactions from the program.
  • Long Island Aquarium reserves the right to refuse service to any guest under the influence of alcohol or any illegal drugs.
  • Participants must be able to understand basic instructions in English in order to safely participate.
  • Participants must not have contact with any wild marine mammal within 48 hours of participation to avoid disease transmission to our animals.
  • Participants should be willing to participate in the program and be comfortable with interacting with a live animal.
  • No flip flops, open back, open toe, or high heeled shoes. Sneakers are recommended. Please be advised that feet may get wet.
  • Follow directions at all times.
  • Do not enter animal areas until instructed.
  • No food or drink in animal areas.
  • No chewing gum.
  • No strollers will be permitted in the encounter
  • No sunglasses or other eyewear unless prescription for vision correction.
  • Watch footing. The beach may have an irregular surface and may be slippery.
  • Disinfect hands, as instructed, prior to the program.
  • Do not feed the sea lions until instructed.
  • Do not touch the animal until instructed.
  • Be very careful around the sea lions eyes, ears, and mouth.
  • No sudden movements or yelling.
  • Exit the program area when instructed to do so.

*Must be 10 years or older and reserved 24 hours in advance. All participants must complete waiver prior to adventure. Aquarium admission is not included and is required for the adventure!

Sea Lion Show

Covid Update: You must wear a mask the entire duration of the sea lion show.  Seats are marked with an “O” indicating you can sit in that seat and an “X” indicating you should NOT sit in that seat, so all guests can maintain appropriate social distancing.  Please remember to stay 6 feet apart from other guests.

Long Island Aquarium’s Sea Lion Coliseum is the place to go to appreciate the grace, playfulness, and intelligence of the California sea lion (Zalophus californianus) in our Sea Lion Show.

Sea lions, which get their name from their loud roars, barks, and honks, put on a fascinating show whenever they are in the water! Just look through the underwater viewing windows of our Sea Lion Coliseum inside the aquarium to marvel at these graceful swimmers!

There’s an even better performance waiting for you outside! Long Island Aquarium’s expert mammal trainers put on a daily Sea Lion Show. It’s your opportunity to watch the Aquarium’s talented sea lions – Java, Bunker, Nila and Lucy – demonstrate a variety of impressive behaviors!

Show Times:

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Sea Lion Selfie

Due to COVID-19 all participant must wear a mask during this adventure.

The next time you’re here, don’t miss an opportunity for a unique encounter you’ll never forget – a sea lion selfie from one of our lovable sea lions, Java.

Please note that due to the nature of this activity, and the behavior/ personalities of individual sea lions, selfies are not guaranteed. Should we fail to satisfactorily afford you this unique opportunity, you will receive a full refund. Those age 7 & older can be photographed by themselves; under 7 must be accompanied by adult (with adult receiving kiss). Up to 2 people per turn.

Fall & Winter: Weekends at 12:45pm and 2:45pm

E-mailed Photo $20 (for one or two people per photo)

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