Penguin Selfie

Due to COVID-19 this adventure is on hold until further notice.

You know you love them, now have a souvenir photo taken with one of our African Penguins! Penguin Selfies is a great opportunity for those who are too young for our Penguin Encounter program, or if you just want a quick visit and photo with one of our favorite feathered friends. Makes a great holiday or milestone photo!

· Maximum of two guests per photo

· Children under 5 MUST be accompanied by an adult

· This is a “Hands Off” experience, you will not be permitted to touch the penguin

· No personal photos permitted


$17 Emailed photo

Sea Lion Selfie

Due to COVID-19 this adventure is on hold until further notice.

The next time you’re here, don’t miss an opportunity for a unique encounter you’ll never forget – a sea lion selfie (and keepsake photo!) from one of our lovable sea lions, Java.

Please note that due to the nature of this activity, and the behavior/ personalities of individual sea lions, kisses are not guaranteed. Should we fail to satisfactorily afford you this unique opportunity, you will receive a full refund. Those age 7 & older can be photographed by themselves; under 7 must be accompanied by adult (with adult receiving kiss). Up to 2 people per turn.

Summer: Daily at 1:00pm and 2:45pm
All other times: Weekends and Holidays at 1:00pm and 2:45pm.

Tickets are available for purchase within the Aquarium.

E-mailed Photo $17

Limited availability; during your visit please visit ticketing circle or photo booth to purchase your kiss! All prices plus tax.