Turtle Bay

Torn apart by hurricane winds and typhoon surf, the docks at Turtle Bay are in disrepair. Yet, one person’s trash is another animal’s salvation! The docks are now overrun by turtles of shapes and sizes!

East African black mud turtles, red-eared sliders, and the alien-looking Australian snake-necked turtle are just a few species that you can see sunning themselves on the shattered docks. These ancient reptiles now call these waters home!

Long Island Aquarium’s Turtle residents are as hungry as they are friendly. For a small fee, you can purchase some turtle food to feed all of our turtles.

Did You Know?

Turtle Shells are actually part of a turtle’s bony skeleton. It is derived from ribs, pelvic bones and other parts of the turtle skeleton and is used as a defensive shield to protect the animal from harm!

Though turtles spend a lot of time in the water, turtles need air to breathe, and they do not lay their eggs underwater.

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