American Alligators

American alligators (Alligator mississippiensis) are native to the southeastern United States. A large and ancient reptile, these animals are apex predators, feeding on numerous different types of animals from fish to mammals, and growing larger than 15 feet in length.

You can see the Long Island Aquarium gators sunning themselves on the beaches of their exhibit, nestled quite comfortably on top of one another.

Check out our seasonal Gator Invasion exhibit outside (available May through September). You will see the larger alligators that call the Aquarium home!


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Did You Know?

Gators are some of the most vocal of all reptiles, producing a variety of calls over the course of its life. For instance, juveniles call to their mothers to signify that they are ready to leave the nest or if they are in danger and gators utter deep bellows during the mating season!

Alligators have been observed to use tools to hunt prey! They balance sticks and branches on their heads to lure birds during the nesting season.

Alligators modify their habitats to survive during the dryer parts of the year, constructing small pools and burrows, incidentally forming habitats that other animals rely on to survive!

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