Outreach Programs

Many Aquarium education programs are available as classroom-based Outreach Programs, conducted ayour school by one of our Educators. There is a 30-person maximum; additional sessions of the program must be reserved to accommodate larger groups.

(Supplemental program fees apply)

Click here for pricing information and online registration, or make a group reservation by calling 631.208.9200, ext. 426.

Whale of a Class

NYS Standards MST 1,4,5,6 & 7
Turn your gym or auditorium into an Aquarium exhibit. Our educators will bring a full-scale model of a fin whale to your school along with whale artifacts. Students will learn the differences and similarities among cetaceans, how they breathe, behave, and communicate. Students will also identify parts of whale anatomy on a full-sized model of a fin whale. (Please note that the whale model is just over 50-feet-long when fully inflated and is recommended for indoor use only.)

Turtle Time

NYS Standards MST 1, 4, 6 & 7
(Pre K – 6th Grade; 30-45 minutes)
Can turtles leave their shells? This interactive program answers that question and more through learning activities and tactile experiences. Students meet and touch a live turtle, work with puppets, and explore turtle artifacts.

The Seashore/Touch Tank

NYS Standards MST 1, 4, 6 & 7
(Pre-K – 12th Grade [scaled appropriately to age/grade leve]; 45 minutes)
The creatures living along our shores come in many different colors and shapes, and this program gives students the chance to meet some of these diverse characters. 5th to 12th grade students will learn about the diverse coastal environments surrounding Long Island, as well as the animals that have adapted to those specific habitats.

Preferable Pets

NYS Standards MST 1, 4, 6 & 7
The exotic pet trade has flourished in recent years… however not every animal on sale will make a good pet. Learn the differences between “good pets” and “bad pets” and meet some of the more manageable pets that appear on our Critter Cart.

Shark Surveillance

NYS Standards MST 1, 4, 6 & 7
(4th – 12th Grade [scaled appropriately to age/grade level]; 20-60 minutes)
Students will deepen their fascination with the ocean’s top predator by studying the biology, ecology, and conservation of sharks. Students observe and handle shark jaws, teeth, and egg cases, and learn little-known facts about these extraordinary creatures.

Did You Know?

In addition to the sleepover, a Sleep with the Fishes adventure that includes a 1-1/2 hour morning interactive cruise aboard the Atlantis Explorer Tour Boat is also available for an additional fee. You’re cruise begins at 7:30 am. A deposit is required to secure a date, and one chaperone per 10 paid admissions ages 3 - 21 is required. Atlantis Explorer Tour Boat limited to 72 participants.

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